Sound production is an important part of the entertainment industry. It covers movies, music and even games. This is even more important as errors made during sound production are easily noticed when you play the tracks later on.

Who Is Cimmerian Recordings?

heavy metal

Cimmerian Recordings is a recording studio founded by fans of rock, metal and lovers of Conan the barbarian. Our team understands the importance of good sound in various entertainment industries suchas movies and video games for example and that is why we always ensure your records are made with professional standards. We specialize in producing tracks for metal bands.

As big movie fans, it can confidently be said that we have produced good sounds for various purposes over the years, including soundtracks. Some of them were inspired by various influences :

  • Conan the barbarian,
  • Conan the destroyer,
  • the thing,
  • predator,
  • predator 2,
  • highlander,
  • legend,
  • the crow,
  • starship troopers,
  • flatliners,
  • missing,
  • the ninth gate and many other movies.

There is a good chance that you have been entertained by one of our sounds if you listen to modern rock or metal music.

Why should You choose Cimmerian Recordings?

There are many reasons why you should choose Cimmerian Recordings.

Besides our wealth of experience, you should consider this recording studio because of our practices and approach to sound production. We have a state of the art pro studio. It is a world-class studio designed for one primary purpose, making your sounds as good as they can ever be. We have every modern, sound production gear you can think of, including the ones you thought are too rare to have.

At Cimmerian Recordings, we know that the gears are only as good as the person using or controlling them. A poor sound engineer may not be able to use the gear properly to produce great sounds. This is why we also have the best of sound engineers you can find anywhere. These sound engineers are guaranteed to make you great and authentic sounds to suit whatever purpose you want to use it for.

How to Make use of Our Services

We have a list of sample tracks you can check out. You can place your order directly on our website. We accept direct payment in PayPal and Payoneer. If you want to work with us, please send your demo tracks to our contact email.

We charge a starter pack price of $300 per studio day for a whole band. However, returning of damage items is free of charge.

It takes about 3 working days to get a reply, as we need to study your project. You can also get discounts when if you are refered by our previous artists. Do contact us for inquiries and requests.